EU Innovation Day: Virtual Lego

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One of the coolest things I saw at the Innovation Day was a demo done with a Lego box. A software program was preset with the characteristics of the object that needed to be shown, in this case the contents of the Lego box. The a camera was set up to film the box. The software then interpreted the box and rezzed the contents on top of it. Obviously this is just one of the things the software could do, but it is by far one of the better ways to create some WoW about your product. This booth was crowded all the time. People were intrigued, wanted to see and learn and wanted to try and understand how this was possible. Other ways in which this software could be used include: a folder of a car that, when put under the camera, would rez the car and make it ride over the folder. One last example: you could also put a DVD box or DVD under the camera, and if it is programmed to do so, the screen will display the trailer of the DVD. I see a lot of very cool things happening in stores and on exhibitions if you can bring in a technology like this one. It’s absolutely amazing and as I was discussing with Kris… this has a lot of potential.

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