SoftKinetic: Bye Bye Wii

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A little while ago, on the quarterly company meeting, we've had a 'mystery guest' - just like 'we' always do. This time it was a promising startup with a technology that blows away all competition. Meet SoftKinetic, a Belgian company with ideas that will rock your world!

Game developers, game publishers, and game console manufacturers are looking for ways to differentiate in this increasingly competitive marketplace. Transforming the user experience through an immersive, transparent (marker-less) and intuitive interface represents a fantastic opportunity to establish a leadership position in the next generation action, casual, sports and fitness gaming markets. The commercial availability of low-cost 3D depth sensing devices is about to make this revolution possible.
Softkinetic anticipated the availability of such 3D depth sensing cameras and is today the leading provider of 3D gesture recognition solutions for building immersive, transparent and intuitive interfaces and game plays.


Basically this company is using one single infrared camera to capture X, Y and Z coordinates of any moving object. They created an SDK that will allow any input device to be linked to the 3D movements detected by the camera, so that you can control any application with full body movement. The technology they use for that is called "Softkinetic iisu™" and it's the most advanced 3D gesture recognition software platform available today. iisu is compatible with all major 3D depth sensing devices and allows developers to build natural, immersive, transparent and intuitive interfaces for games, interactive marketing, fitness, industrial simulation, education and military applications.

Check out their demos on their site and see for yourself how promising this superb technology is. Bye-bye Wii with your battery consuming remotes.

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