Windows Live Services For Nokia

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So… On October 10th at the Innovation Day in Utrecht, The Netherlands, I had the opportunity to demo all day long to all the people that stopped by at the Microsoft booth at the fair. Besides demos of SeaDragon, Photosynth, HD View, Home Server or Windows Mobile 6, I got another chance to play with the Roundtable a little. I did a little more than a dozen of short demos that day, but I had the most fun with Windows Live Services for Nokia devices. Yes indeederydoo! Fun on a Nokia, with Windows Live. Here’s how that goes:

There’s 4 services that are integrated in the Nokia OS, after you download the install files in the downloads folder. Watch the demo below to see how that works.

1. Live Contacts
Once you sign in for the first time your Live Contacts is auto-magically synchronized within the address book of the Nokia device. As well as names, addresses, email and the other usual stuff. Pretty unique is that the online presence and status of your contacts show up within the phone list. So now from within the device address book you can find whoever you want to communicate with and leverage the presence/status to determine the best way to reach them.
2. Windows Live Messenger
At sign-in you can change your online picture and your status. Once online you obviously can browse your messenger contacts and take part in multiple conversations as you would expect. The services integrate features from within the phone, so when you are within a conversation you can send a voice clip, file or picture - either from the gallery or snap one with the camera
3. Windows Live Hotmail
Your Hotmail gets loaded into a separate folder within the client. Because the emails are downloaded they are available when you are offline. Right now your email isn’t synchronized auto-magically, but its a simple process to goto options, select sync etc. When you are composing an email, just like messenger the phone features are integrated so that you can insert a picture, voice clip, video or other phone right into the email message.
4. Windows Live Spaces
Not surprisingly there is good Spaces support. On Nokia devices there is an application called ‘online share’ which comes with plugins for Flickr and Vox and now there is Spaces support too. There is a simple process to activate the service by adding your Live ID and once that is done the Gallery is now Live enabled. It’s super easy, select the photo you want, goto options, open online service and it will promote you to add a title and text and the the image is load up to your blog.

For screenshots of these thingies, please visit Phil Holden’s blog [you’ll see I stole borrowed most of the words above from there too. He just said it so well Smiley Thanks Phil !]

And as for the demo of how this thing goes, I had the chance to meet up with Kris Hoet, whose device I borrowed to demo in Utrecht last week. I geared up the cam and let Kris have is way to show off the goodies.


Video: Windows Live Services For Nokia

Devices that are supported:

  • Nokia N73, N80i, N95, N76 and the N93i (full integration)
  • E90, E65 and E61i (without Spaces due to ‘No Nokia Online Share Client’)

Countries to date (more to be announced, so watch Phil’s blog):

  • Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Netherlands,
    Norway, Spain, U.K., Sweden, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates,
    Thailand, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Malaysia

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