Creating 3D Models for WPF Pt4 - Smooth texture to WPF application

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3D has traditionally been complex and challenging but with the advent of WPF, incorporating 3D into your applications is much more realistic. These 4 videos walk through the process of building a very simple 3D application.

I start by creating a re-usable 3D model of a yoghurt pot in Blender with textured surfaces representing interchangeable product artwork. This model is then imported into a WPF application via Expression Blend. I add some animation and user interaction via the 3D tools library on CodePlex and show how easy it is to switch the imagery to represent different products.

For an idea of what the final application looks like, visit my blog post or click here for the xbap.

Links to other parts:

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4



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The Discussion

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    Great Work Mike. Thanks.
    I've been trying to learn enough about 3d to work with a graphics designer and this was just the jusmpstart I needed. 

    Pat Tormey
    New Hampshire USA

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