Mikehall: Managed Application development for Windows Embedded CE 6.0

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Mike Hall, Senior Technical Product Manager, demonstrates how to configure a baseline CE 6.0 operating system (OS) image - We then add the list of components to the OS image that are needed to support a managed application within Visual Studio 2005 as an application development tool.  Once the booted image is running, Mike shows how to get an IP address and then configure Visual Studio 2005 to deploy an application to that running OS image.



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The Discussion

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    Great screencast Mike, I didn’t know Clippy could talk….

    Could you please explain the techniques used to produce this video, did you do it all on your laptop in real time?
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    That was something I did. We capture the screen and the video simultaneously, and then edit them together using Adobe Premier and judicious luma- or chroma-keying.
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    hi all, can anybody tell me why i couldn't watch the video and download it. thanks a lot.
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    Dear Mike,

                       Thank you provoding a wonderful article with video.

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