Using CEDebugX with Windows Embedded CE 6.0 SP1

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Building an embedded operating system image is only part of the process for releasing a final product - Testing and diagnosis tools should also be an integral part of the release process - an operating system image may appear to be running just fine, but how do you really know that there aren't any issues lurking unseen within the operating system image - it's possible that your processes could corrupt heaps, orphan CriticalSections and do other nasty things, but how do you find out this has happened ?

This video shows the use of CEDebugX, a new (and extremely cool tool) that ships with the Windows Embedded CE 6.0 SP1 update.

Note that in the video I'm creating a KDump file, if you are running a debug image (or have the kernel debugger in your release image) you can run CEDebugX directly from the Windows CE Command Prompt against the operating system image without needing to create a kdump file.

- Mike


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