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Join Helen Huang (an intern on the Web Platform Team) and Jonathan Sampson (a program manager on the Web Platform Team) for a quick tour of some highlights from Edge in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

EdgeHTML 14 is the latest release of the Edge rendering engine (EdgeHTML), which ships in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update. Want to learn more? Check out our blog post, Introducing EdgeHTML 14, for more details on everything covered here!



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    The Discussion

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      "Open new tab (Ctrl+T)" in Edge is super slow.
      I checked that on many computers with Windows 10.
      Other than that, Edge is a great browser.

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      @Jedrek: If I press and hold Ctrl+T during 5 seconds Edge opens 41 tabs for me (on top of the 20 tabs I already have opened).

      Dear Edge team, the YouTube view count is not a phone number. How can I turn this annoying feature off that thinks every long number is a phone number?

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      // dear edge team: can you make an option to uninstall the edge browser? thank you!

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      @stahtufiang: I'm sure there are tutorials on the web about how to remove Edge from Windows 10. Bascially, you'll have to remove one or more packages using a tool called install_wim_tweak. I can't tell you if it works for online installations, but it surely works on WIM files.

      My question to the Edge team is: Why don't you make Edge a real app and update it like a real app independently from OS releases? Right now, it is tied to the current Windows build, which means that if you want to use the latest version, you have to be on the latest released Windows 10 build. Second question: Are there any plans to bring EdgeHTML to other platforms? I think if it remains Windows-only, the browser and engine will never gain a noteworthy market-share because more and more people are using mobile devices to access the web, but almost none of them are using Windows on these devices. Microsoft is releasing a lot of their applications for other platforms now, so why not their web browser as well?

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      @Jedrek: I use to set the new tab to an "empty" tab, and it takes a very (!) small fraction of a second to open a new tab with Ctrl-T on my machines.

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      @sevenacids: I don't care how many other people are using Edge, or using it  on OS X or Linux. So why should Microsoft provide the safest (flash disabled) and fastest browser on other platforms? I gain maximum productivity on Windows. And web apps should work perfectly independently on the browser you use.

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      @Jedrek: Thanks for the feedback! If you get a chance, can you open a Feedback Hub entry about this? If you select Performance feedback, it will give you the option to record a trace while you reproduce the issue, which really helps us dig in to perf problems. Thanks!

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      @ZippyV: Hi Zippy! Thanks the feedback - we're tracking user feedback here and would love it if you can upvote your preference in the Feedback Hub, as that's the best way to get it in front of the right team. Thanks!

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      @stahtufiang: You can unpin Edge from start and set your defaults to another browser in the Settings app. Right now we don't offer an option to "uninstall" Edge per se.

      @sevenacids: We're always investigating options to ship as frequently as possible - moving to Windows as a Service has been a big step forward in that direction, as well as shipping features via our regular servicing updates through WU. We're continuing to explore different options here to make sure the app and platform can be updated at the most appropriate cadence.

      Right now, we don't have any plans to bring EdgeHTML to other platforms - we're laser focused on keeping the momentum up on Windows :)

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