MEF & Silverlight 4 Beta - Part 6, Locating Defaults & ExportProviders

Play MEF & Silverlight 4 Beta - Part 6, Locating Defaults & ExportProviders

The Discussion

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    Nice video. I'm still a bit fuzzy on why it's necessary to set "CatalogExportProvider.SourceProvider" and what it should point to though.


    I couldn't find any real use of this property during a quick look at the MEF source, except that exceptions are thrown if it is not set. The root "System.ComponentModel.Composition.Hosting.ExportProvider" abstract class doesn't even have this property.

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    Great job with this video series Mike ...  I like this format of doing a series of videos each one building on the next.  THANKS, I've definitely learned a lot.

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    @wcoenen source provider is what allows a catalog to talk back to the rest of the world to satify it's imports.  It is not part of ExportProvider because not all EPs need to do that loop back. CatalogExportProvider queries back through the source provider property. For example imagine the container had an ILogger instance directly added to it, and the catalog had an OrderProcessor part which imports it. In order for that part to be created, the catalog needs to grab the ILogger which it gets through the source provider.

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    Nice video. Any idea on putting some videos of using PRISM + MEF with MVVM ? I would really like to see on of those.

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    It's on my list of things to think about, yes Smiley



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