Prism & Silverlight: Part 2 - Dependency Injection with Unity

Play Prism & Silverlight: Part 2 - Dependency Injection with Unity

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    Excellent video but I'm having a problem with the app.config. I believe mine is correct but as soon as I remove the CalculatorLibrary reference, the InputOutputLibrary reference, or the CalculatorCommandParsingLibrary reference. I get a FileNotFoundException for the reference I remove. Any help would be appreciated.

    Update: I realized that when my references were being deleted that they were deleting the dll's from the bin. All is good now.

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    I am sorry, I may be in the wrong place.  I watched you turn one into five separate projects, for a add, mul, div, sub calculator.  I need to know why I would do such a thing?


    If I have a sidebar with 10 - 12 categories, each responding with 20-100 choices, and all of this before I ever have to respond to the server, Why would I want to take a simple problem and make it complex?


    What I am looking for in Prism "is a way to structure, a complex application with multiple origination points, as well as, multiple departure points.  I am looking for a structure, that isolates individual functions (allowing a copy/replace to the web server without disrupting anyone), barring that I am looking to bring down independant/notify modules for replacement.


    If I understand "Prism", I can loosely couple, and download mismatches.  Is this correct?




    P.S. A better blog would be to give us a real world application (search at every level, lists that bring up specific object type, comboboxes  (with semi-static loading/cacheing), response to selection from a list (fills in source object and returns control), and a step through of the thought process, logic, and implementaion of your solution.



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    Super video series thus far, really enjoying and learning a lot, thanks for sharing ;0)

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