Prism & Silverlight: Part 5 - Moving to a Modular Silverlight Project

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This is part 5 of a series of screencasts illustrating some of the ideas found in "Prism" or the "Composite Application Guidance" from the Patterns and Practices team that can be used to build Silverlight applications in a way that lends itself to testability and modularity.

In talking to customers building business applications with Silverlight I find that Prism (and it's friend Unity) is frequently mentioned but not everyone has seen it and so I thought I would explore it myself and capture some of the results of that exploration here.

We start off with some fairly basic code which we move towards making use of dependency injection and modularity;

and then we move that code into the Silverlight world and try to illustrate some specific areas of Prism;

and then finally we try and bring some of these concepts together in a longer, more realistic example of a simple Email application built using the Prism framework - warning, this is a much longer session but I wanted something that draws things together;

The recommendation would be that you watch the 10 screencasts in order but if that feels like too long a process or if you're already very familiar with concepts like dependency injection and containers like Unity then perhaps watch the last screencast first and then refer back to the previous screencasts if certain areas need more illumination.

I put the source code for Video 10 here for download as it's a bigger set of source and something you might want to explore after the video - this does not necessarily represent "best practise" but is, instead, just meant to illustrate some of the Prism ideas.



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The Discussion

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    Video 5 is corrupted or something. Viewing it online and downloading it both yield the same result - the video ends prematurely somewhere around 5:30.

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    I just watched the High Quality WMV from 5mins to 7mins and it seemed ok - maybe a temporary blip?



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    Hi Mike,

    Firstly- thanks for sharing such wonderful videos.

    I have a small Quesiton. Lets take email client application (Part 10).

    You have 2 folders (Inbox and SentItems) and you fire events when somebody selects folder and data gets changed in Mail View region.

    My Question is: Does the server trip happens everytime user clicks on Inbox and Sent Items. Because what if data is too huge- in that case user need to wait for few seconds. OR

    Does the data get cached out once each request is made and all subsequent request will be served from cache.




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    AWSOME Video step by step very clear.   May i suggest another video as the next step PRISM +  MEF with MVVM. Would you please consider a video on that



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    VJ Koganti

    hi Mike,


    Excellent post. Some feedback: Instead of loading from a Xaml file it is better to read from App.Config file using the ConfigurationModuleCatalog class. Its probably faster and more elegant.


    Great work again,

    VJ Koganti

    United Kingdom.

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