Prism & Silverlight: Part 5 - Moving to a Modular Silverlight Project

Play Prism & Silverlight: Part 5 - Moving to a Modular Silverlight Project

The Discussion

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    Video 5 is corrupted or something. Viewing it online and downloading it both yield the same result - the video ends prematurely somewhere around 5:30.

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    I just watched the High Quality WMV from 5mins to 7mins and it seemed ok - maybe a temporary blip?



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    Hi Mike,

    Firstly- thanks for sharing such wonderful videos.

    I have a small Quesiton. Lets take email client application (Part 10).

    You have 2 folders (Inbox and SentItems) and you fire events when somebody selects folder and data gets changed in Mail View region.

    My Question is: Does the server trip happens everytime user clicks on Inbox and Sent Items. Because what if data is too huge- in that case user need to wait for few seconds. OR

    Does the data get cached out once each request is made and all subsequent request will be served from cache.




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    AWSOME Video step by step very clear.   May i suggest another video as the next step PRISM +  MEF with MVVM. Would you please consider a video on that



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    VJ Koganti

    hi Mike,


    Excellent post. Some feedback: Instead of loading from a Xaml file it is better to read from App.Config file using the ConfigurationModuleCatalog class. Its probably faster and more elegant.


    Great work again,

    VJ Koganti

    United Kingdom.

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