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Silverlight 3 UK Launch: Chat with Ian Ellison-Taylor

27 minutes, 25 seconds


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At the recent UK launch of Silverlight 3 in the UK I managed to catch up with Ian Ellison-Taylor.

Ian is the general manager of the Presentation Platform and Tools which means that he's general manager for things like WPF, Silverlight, the toolkits associated with them and the tooling that goes with them - generally, this makes him a very interesting chap to chat to Smiley and in this video we cover lots of semi-random ground that you'll hopefully find interesting!

Find the recordings from the day here on the MSDN UK site.


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  • 1.01GB for 27 minutes of video? Will I need an IMAX screen? Wink

  • Greg Braygbrayut Check out PhraseMeme Scanner for Windows Phone at ​PhraseMeme.​com

    Very interesting to hear how the teams are organized! Also, the TestApi project referenced piqued my interest. If anyone else is looking for it it can be found here http://testapi.codeplex.com 


    Keep up the great work!

  • MBMB1

    "1.01GB for 27 minutes of video? Will I need an IMAX screen? Wink"


    lol, and the MP3 version is 12Mb.  ...and you dont have to watch a dark shadowy figure in a bright background.  Otherwise interesting.


  • Isn't Blend also written in WPF?  It seems weird to me that Vista has been out for almost three years, and Windows 7 RTM'd, but there really are no large application from Microsoft taking advantag of WPF.  Not even Office uses WPF.  Is the VS editor being redone in WPF a start of things to come?  It's difficult to get excited about WPF when the company that created it isn't really using it besides in the OS.

  • Mike Taultymtaulty Mike Taulty



    Apologies if the files got a little large - the standard WMV download looks to be 232M as far as I can see whereas the (high) version is probably full HD ( not sure if the C9 tools did any transcoding down on my submitted video ) so you perhaps don't need to bring down the Full HD version unless you are planning to run it on your IMAX screen Smiley


    The streaming version should not be the full HD version.



  • Mike Taultymtaulty Mike Taulty

    Yes, Blend is written in WPF and, as you say, Visual Studio 2010 also has large pieces of functionality implemented in WPF - those are pretty big and important applications for Microsoft.


    Personally, I don't get the comment around not getting "excited" about WPF because it's not used in Office - if you only use the technologies that Office uses then ( as far as I know ) that'd rule out the whole of the .NET Framework for your projects.


  • I will clarrify, I find it hard to get excited about WPF when Microsoft doesn't really use it.  Besides Aero Glass and VS and Blend having their editors using WPF; where are the commercial applications from Microsoft which showcase what it can do?


    I used Office as broad example to illustrate my point.  Office is one of those apps which touches a wide user base, and would be an awesome launch pad for WPF to show a lot of non-technical and technical people the new presentation system.



  • Mike Taultymtaulty Mike Taulty

    Hi - worth saying that Aero Glass isn't to the best of my knowledge based on WPF. It's a feature of Windows Vista and 7 powered by the Desktop Window Manager which, as far as I know, is native code.


    There are commercial applications from Microsoft using WPF. They'd include Visual Studio 2010, Expression Encoder, Expression Design, Expression Blend and I think ( I'd need to check this one ) Microsoft Dynamics. Some of these applications have a very wide user base. To stick with the Visual Studio example - that's a big application used by a tonne of people as I know you already know Smiley


    I'm at least as interested ( if not more so ) in what our customers have done with WPF as I think that provides a great showcase for what's possible.

  • Thanks, I will check those out.

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  • Just to add, most of Office was written long before WPF was around but newer bits are indeed being writting in WPF, SL and .Net in general. Stay tuned for lots more apps coming out from Microsoft written in .Net and WPF specifically.


    Mike's link shows some of the bigger WPF applications but further, most new ISV applications are written in .Net now, and WPF\SL for the pretty bits Smiley

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