Silverlight 4 Beta Networking. Part 9 - UDP Multicasting

Play Silverlight 4 Beta Networking. Part 9 - UDP Multicasting
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A set of short screencasts providing a "tour" of the network capabilites in the Silverlight 4 beta. We'll look at raw HTTP access, socket access and WCF capabilities.

In this video, we take a look at using the new APIs for UDP multicast sockets in Silverlight 4.

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The Discussion

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    Where can we go to download the sample projects from this series?  I always find it helpful to have some actual code to refer to when learning something new. 


    Great series, by the way!

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    Yeah, I always kind of fail on this in that I tend to make these things and throw them away or code them in an ugly way ( for speed ) in order to get a video published.


    I'll see if I can do something with some of these examples.



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    Hi Mike,
    Have you tried multicasting on a computer with dual nics (each on a separate lan)?

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    Great job Mike. It was very useful. I wish we could download the solution as well.  Angel

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