Building WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Services with WF (Windows Workflow Foundation)

Play Building WCF (Windows Communication Foundation) Services with WF (Windows Workflow Foundation)
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I often liken WF and WCF to long lost siblings separated at birth.  Almost every customer I talk to wants to use these two technologies together.  In V1, one could certainly use the two together, there was just some plumbing that had to be written.  In Orcas, we aim to take care of most of that plumbing for you.

This is a 75 minute training session given by Pravin Indurkar, the PM responsible for the feature in Orcas.

For more information, you can check out my blog here. (Orcas WF+WCF features, Dynamically Creating Contracts (Workflow First Design))



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    The audio on this is awful, I can't watch this video because of it.

    The balance switches from left to right. The quality degrades, then improves then degrades again.


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