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Approved Contact puts you in control of your communications. You control who communicates and when they communicate with you. It’s the perfect personal gatekeeper for those of us who don't have one.

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Scheduling and collaboration between multiple businesses is simple and secure.

Visual Calendar Comparison: Compare open times with people from different companies to quickly find times that work for everyone.

Powerful Integrations: Seamless scheduling for multiple parties through websites, text, email, mobile, voice recognition, and phone.

Communicate and Collaborate: Approved Contact gives you a single, secure place to share files and conversations while you collaborate with other approved companies.

Sync With Your CRM. Keep Your Data. In Approved Contact, all your data is yours. Sync all communication with any major CRM, and archive your data however you want.

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    Jim DiCenso

    Very impressive site ! I'm looking forward to using it as soon as possible .

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