Imagine Cup: BACKSTAGE - An Interview with Randal Staewen and Sean Howard, Co-Founders of Solipsoid Software

Play Imagine Cup: BACKSTAGE - An Interview with Randal Staewen and Sean Howard, Co-Founders of Solipsoid Software
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Michael Palermo welcomes Randal Staewen and Sean Howard, Co-Founders of Solipsoid Software, creators of Unnatural Selectionan app for the Windows Platform and semi-finalists in the 2014 Imagine Cup. Tune in as they chat about their inspiration for their startup as well as their experience with Microsoft’s Imagine Fund.

  • [0:33] Tell us a little bit about ourselves
  • [2:06] Tell us about your startup and what was your motivation behind it?
  • [3:01]  How did the Microsoft Imagine Fund help you with your startup? What are some of the most important lessons / takeaways you got from the Microsoft Imagine Fund?
  • [4:45] How are you getting ready for the Imagine Cup?
  • [8:14] What are your plans with your startup after the Imagine fund and Imagine Cup are done?

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