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My first video for, the community hosted by along with the other Enthusiast Evangelists, is now live.

Last week, it was a little scramble to align Jeff and my calendar's, but it's all good and worked out best being postponed to this week. I had storyboarded this video, and learnt that this is the best way to communicate a story to your talent.


Over weekend I purchased a Sony HDR-HC7 handycam, tripod, microphone and assorted accessories. Some years ago we had a small handheld Sony DV handycam - but DV isn't hip anymore: so onto HDV. The camera is only a few weeks old, and has the all the external extra connections. The gun microphone worked well when close to the subject. I've purchased a quality condenser microphone for the next interview (thanks for the tip, Paul!)

Scarlett at Sydney Harbour Bridge

The video was shot Tuesday afternoon by myself & a tripod (car park, Microsoft Australia) and Wednesday (Harbour Bridge) with the talent (Jeff Alexander). A Security Guard popped in for a quick look at what we were doing (2m39s in). Two dodgy guys, a silver road case and multiple laptops underneath a world-famous icon - is a little suspect. There were two police officers who walked past a little while later, also curious. Good to know our bridge is in safe hands.

Captured footage for this episode totalled roughly 29 minutes, edited down to 16:03 minutes. Maybe next video I'll get to the front page, ah Larry?

Edited on Wednesday afternoon using Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0 (on a Toshiba M400, running Windows Vista Ultimate), further topped, tailed and transcoded in Windows Movie Maker and uploaded to the cloud Thursday morning. Some small backend issues resulted in the video going live Friday morning (AU AEST time).

Having edited the video, there are still elements where I am not 100% happy. The intro for The Geek Stories has to change; and the audio required too much work to get it into a 50% state of OK-ness.

A key element of this video was learning the video publishing process here at, and to ensure I schedule the correct amount of time for post-production. My estimation is 1 minute of video captured equals 8 minutes of post-production. Whilst I am highly suprised how quick rendering HDV (1440 x 1080) is on a mere 1.83Ghz Core Duo laptop, I'd love something with more grunt. One can never have too many cores, I reckon.

Do you have a video to the web production story? Love to hear it.

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