My Dream Machine: Tuning

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    Gratz on the 5.9! I'm still trying to figure out why my 3DMark06 score is 'only' 10850, should be about 1000 points higher, but other than that, everything is running smoothly on my new build. I'll have to try those temp/fan programs you mentioned, and see how it compares against Abit's μGuru app.

    I'll be picking up Crysis soon. If I can only tear myself away from WoW long enough...

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    Hey Now Nick,

    Great Series, I really enjoyed it & learned some things about some new hardware.

    Thx 4 the info,


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    Tweaking is an art and can really pay off.  I bought a XPS410 last summer and had an experience score of 4.2!  Digging deeper I found that it was because the Hard Drives were set in RAID1 from the factory.  I do my own offline backup every week so didn't need this redundancy.  Removed the RAID and reinstalled...wahla 5.2.

    The lack of keeping computers clean and tuned accounts I would guess for over 50% of new PC purchases.  People think their computers are slow but they're just not tuned.

    Thanks for the informative rundown,


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    Nick Hodge

    @Dengin @catto @kurtbrockett

    Thanks for the encouragement to complete the series!

    Tuning your XP/Vista machine from a software standpoint is a good topic... research time.


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