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I have just returned from a weekend in the Barossa Valley, South Australia. Being a family gathering over two days, many digital photographs were taken. And mostly not by me.

And I gave my camera to my 5 year old neice and sent her outside to take photos. Soon, the camera returned full of photos and no battery charge.

Returning to Sydney: how do I share the 220 photos? An avid user; I could upload them all there. By using Flickr family/privacy settings and ensuring the extended family could all see without sharing to the world. That would require some administration, and I just loath paperwork.

Solution: Use the Windows Home Server! After reviewing add-ins, I decided on Andrew Grant's Whiist.

Here is the install process:

home-server-whiist_0005_Layer 1


Step 1: download the .msi from Andrew's web site. Simply drag this into your Windows Home Server's Software\Add-Ins directory


home-server-whiist_0004_Layer 2

Step 2: Go the Windows Home Server Console for Windows Home Server Settings, Add-ins. Whiist is listed as an add-in that can be Installed. Install it.


home-server-whiist_0003_Layer 3

Step 4: Manage Websites now appears next to Server storage. Click on this, and then Add a web site


home-server-whiist_0001_Layer 6

Step 5: Adding a simple photo album to share pictures, so the second option is the best choice.


home-server-whiist_0002_Layer 5

Step 5: Setting the URL, and the shared folder on the server (path)


home-server-whiist_0000_Layer 4

And here we have the photo gallery. Beauty is, I can now share the many private family photos to a limited audience.

Result: send email to a very happy Mum. Windows Home Server. Keeping Mum's happy since 2007.

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