The Geek Stories: BarCampSydney

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The Discussion

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    Mike Seyfang

    Nice episode - starting to get a bit of stream o consciousness flow happening.  Keep at it.

    Now for the harsh MSFT bashing feedback:
    - Where are the editable movie formats for download?
    - Why did I have to create yet another frigging online identity to leave this comment (I have one of the first ever passport / accounts)?
    - And when I did sign-up your lousy timezone code didnt include my home-town and seems to have a totally bogus Daylight Savings mechanism.

    Get these things fixed and I might even help you create a community of re-mixers.


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    Cool vid.

    Well done!

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    Nick Hodge


    - do you want .mov? the .wmv(high) is downloadable and the largest most highest res

    - I agree, the IDs thing is frustrating: msdn,, corpnet. asking the developers of the system behind

    - GMT+9.30 is being requested, as Adelaide is not a suburb near Redmond Smiley


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