The Geek Stories: Six at Podcamp Perth

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Virtualized, tatooed, 1970s and 1980s geeks abounded at Podcamp Perth.

Held on a Saturday, the famous Perth Port80 Posse hosted various luminaries, bloggers, famous podcasters and lowly corporate types in an free unconference of information (and beer) interchange.

Geek Stories? You betcha. Have a look. See if you recognise the famous ones.



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The Discussion

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    that guy with the klingon and zelda tatts rules..

    although its a triforce, not a tristar.. silly boy should get hit facts right when a camera is sprung on him Wink

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    I'm the one talking about 80-column punch cards. What's even scarier is that the book it was indexing was from E E "Doc" Smith's "Skylark" series. I think (I hope!) that I've grown out of space opera.

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