The Geek Stories: Wireless Health Gadgets for Life

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Bruce Satchwell, CEO of Alive Technologies, just loves his gadgets. These gadgets do some pretty cool things: watch your blood oxygen level, ECG and heart rate over Bluetooth to your Windows Mobile phone.

Add a GPS, collate the data and map onto a map: and you have the perfect exercise gadget for the sporty-and-wired-up cyber-geek.

Watch this episode of The Geek Stories and see these devices hooked up to both Bruce and your host. Whowill flatline first?



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The Discussion

  • User profile image
    Lord Zimbu

    Possible to stalk someone with these isn't it?

  • User profile image
    Nick Hodge

    No matter the technology: car, plane, GPS: stalking is not legal. Nor is it what I would call a mentally healthy thing to do.

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