A Weewar Weekend

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Weewar.com owes me a weekend. Recently out of private beta, I am now totally enthralled in moving my board pieces in a somewhat strategic way to crush the opposition.

What is Weewar? It is a small-scale (hence the use of the cute Scottish word, wee) board game. Playing against other people, you move pieces to capture bases and make more soldiers, artillery and other means of war. There are a variety of pre-made maps; and each turn you get to move your pieces. Bases produce new pieces of various attack/defence stengths and movement distances.

Being turn based, you can leave a game alone whist in meetings and attending to other work related tasks. Weewar has a developer's kit, so there are a selection of plugins for Vista and Twitter to notify you as your turn is up.


The above image is the entire map of a game, including land, mountains, swamps and forests. This particular game has no access to the sea, which limits your strategic options but simplifies the game.


In the above screen capture, it is my opponent's round, and I can see live the movement of his pieces to attack my base.

The many hours of reading military histories has not armed me with sufficient knowledge to vanquish General Snoop. All my base belong to snoop, sadly.

If you are a fan of chess, or have a few minutes to entertain yourself each day: go and create a free weewar account and have some strategic fun.

More practice will make my weewar making perfect. Attack!

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    Ok, I just signed up for an account... I'm sure I'll regret it, but weewar is going to waste a bunch of my time soon as well Smiley

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