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    Wow, very clear and concise explanation!

    Which is somewhat uncommon for Microsoft.


    Where are we now? It has been about 2 years since I first heard intro to .NET service bus on channel 9.

    At present my company's central IT is blocking everything related to Mesh, .NET Azure, and other services where you can traverse firewalls and potentially share files with viruses.

    With Mesh the one could theoretically gain access to one of the enterprize workstations. Sad



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    Thanks Ivan.


    If you liked this video you should check out https://channel9.msdn.com/azure/. We're trying to be very clear and consise about the whole Windows Azure platform. For example, I highly recommend you check out Ryan Dunn's What is Windows Azure? video.


    .NET Services is designed to make connectivity a lot simpler but not at the expense of security. Administrators can control what goes through (as you've found out!). As far as accessing machines goes, I think .NET Services is cooler than Live Mesh. You can create full-fidelity, bi-directional socket connections over the Service Bus. This means you can do things like remote connections (RDP), sql management, SSH, SNMP, and so on, between any two machines across all kinds of networking infrastructure. Once developers understand what it does they get incredibly excited. The potential is enormous.


    Where are we now? We're going live at PDC in November!

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