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    So what is an InfoCaaaaaaaaaard anyway.Smiley

    What would be the experience if you had a managed card. How would the user get this onto their desktop?
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    well that's one of the things it tries to KEEP you from doing.  so your information is secure.  a hacker can reach your desktop.  one can't reach infocard. (hopefully.)
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    If person "A" has logged into their computer at home/office who has an InfoCard already made, and then that person leaves the room/office (without logging off first), what security measures are there to prevent person "B" from accessing a website that is InfoCard capable?  I would assume that some banking sites and others would have personal information stored and easily viewed once logged into that "secure" site... that info would be open to compromise?

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    For me, Infocard, now CardSpace, is PKI with different names and also applied to web sites

    CA = Provider
    Public/Private Key = Card


    Am I wrong?

    Would you mind giving us more detailed information about CardSpace compared to PKI and PGP?


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