Driving a Robot from my WIndows Mobile device using Robotics Studio

Play Driving a Robot from my WIndows Mobile device using Robotics Studio
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The Discussion

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    Excellent example Olivier. It worked on the first attempt for me!

    I have expanded your example a little to use buttons as well as the keyboard without needing the WindowsKeyboardListner. (There is nothing wrong with the keyboard listner -- I just prefer to keep things a little more compact.)

    The only problem I have now is that my application will not shut down on the PDA and I have to kill the process Sad  This does not happen on Windows XP and it is executing the same shutdown code. (I have built a service with both desktop and CF versions.)



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    hi! It was great to watch the video!

    Can u suggest some ways to make multiple boe-bots work through the bluetooth enabled laptop?

    What kind of modification would it require in the code?

    Thanks a lot!

    Once again, a pretty neat demo!


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