A-GPS SIM - GPS for any cellphone!

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A UK company - BlueSky Positioning - have announced their A-GPS SIM product. This is an assisted GPS product meaning that some level of processing the GPS data is performed off the device, like on a server in the mobile phone operators network. The most amazing thing is that they have the GPS technology including the aerial all shrunk down to fit in a SIM. They claim this means that any legacy GSM and 3G handsets will be able to gain GPS functionality. So no need to upgrade your handset just get a new SIM from your operator.

The product is still in development with a planned July availability for test products. Clearly the device will have to enter mobile operator testing before it will be made available to consumers, but given the combination of low cost effective upgrade to provide the required E-211 and E-911 services plus location based services (LBS) and the off device computing requirement - which presumably will incur mobile operator data rates - means that this is a very attractive way forward for mobile operators. I wish I'd thought of it!

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