Building web sites just got a lot easier

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Description is the place to download the 'My Web Pages Starter Kit'. This is a dynamic content management system that is designed to meet the needs of the computer enthusiast who wants to deploy and maintain their own web site.

Well that is what the home page says.

Having played with it I can confirm this is a great kit! I already had a domain name parked with a hoster, so I just had to upload the contents of the MyWebPagesStarterKit zip file and *PING*  - I had a nice new shiny website.

Once uploaded all you have to do is browse the site, log in as Admin and start configuring your new website. You do so by adding and configuring sections from a menu of available options; but if you are up for it you can also add HTML direct to the page via the HTML Section. You can also add subpages and add sections to these - you can organise them in a navigational order as well.

With a load of themes included you can quickly have a site built -  it took me to go from hosted domain name to pleasant looking site in under 30mins (and most of that was FTP upload - S L O W network today).

Go on - why limit yourself to just a page on a social site. Have your own site - you know your worth it Wink

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