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One of my geeky home projects is the development of my PC Bot 914 I call A1-DW. There are a growing number of us around the world that have 914s and we're all working away to enrich them with functionality so they become a must have assistant in this high tech world. A1's project site is here and 914 community site is here but today I wanted to show you one my fellow roboteer's development. Dave Evans has TWO 914s called Samantha and Lily. Samantha is getting all the attention at the moment as Dave is making some great modifications. Below he shows off his latest - the rotating head:

The Discussion

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    Lord Zimbu

    If they add thrusters will Lucas sue?


    Also because of the embedded video in the blog it is tough to leave comments.. as the embedded video partly overlays over the comment feild (over the add/cancel options...

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    Paul Foster

    Ohh, that's a good bug. Thanks for that!

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