Le Web 3 blogger's conference gone sour

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So yesterday and the first part of today was a good conference experience. Not all the sessions were great (to much self marketing going on) but there were several interesting, thought provoking sessions - Hans Rosling, Ipsos, and Shimon Peres.

Shimon Peres had a great vision for how blogging and the Internet community will change the world, but  in attending the conference he made the conference a legitimate target for the French political marketing machine and the conference organisers seemed only to happy to let the conference be exploited.

Since Mr Peres session this morning the conference organisers have allowed two French politicians from different parties to 'present' to the session. And for a conference audience made up form 37 different countries the switch of language preference from the common denominator of English to French was a serious blocker; at least for the second politician they had a translation service to help.

However, most non-french attendees are peeved and feel 'done-over' by the subversion of the conference. In fact, when a very animated games discussion panelist stated this fact the audience cheered! The organisers were so proud of last years bloggers' comments on the conference. Will there be a Le Web 4? Do bloggers care now?




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