Making Bots knowledgeable with RainBird integration

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By coupling RainBird knowledge maps with the Bot Framework, access to 'human experts' can be easily scaled.

RainBird is a knowledge engine that captures tacit knowledge (human expertise) and provides a natural language dialogue based interrogation to determine a conclusion based on the knowledge map rules.

In this video we discuss and demonstrate a sample RainBird knowledge map and Bot Framework integration using a custom dialog class. NLP routing is delivered via the LUIS service, and the high percentage of common questions are addressed with QnAMaker.

RainBird only asks questions to obtain the data it requires in a dialogue, therefore the conversation varies based on what data is already known for the situation. RainBird can be integrated with external data sources to obtain data required by a conversation.

Uniquely RainBird provides a 'why analysis' that explains how the answer delivered was reached. This provides a decision audit required by financial sector services.

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The Discussion

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    Matthew Buskell

    Paul, great blog post. The combination of Rainbird and Microsoft Luis, in particular, Q&A Maker, is really powerful. Q&A allows our customers to get up and running with a Bot quickly, however, Rainbird enables a depth of knowledge and interaction that makes the customer journey more compelling for certain questions. Love the fact we have both working together, congrats to the team.

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    Nice integration! 

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