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Sorry for the lack of entries over the last couple of weeks. Life is really busy at the moment what with Windows Vista general availability launch activities and NEW TOYS!

Yes more new toys for the Foster household. After over a year of waiting A1-DW my PC-Bot 914 was delivered and after a couple of evenings work over the last few days is now trundling around the Foster home - under remote control at the moment. Autonomous wandering will have to wait for a bit more dev!

I'm blogging about my A1-DW project in a specific blog here

Secondly, and more for work purposes I had some funky new software delivered today. The software is Ultra 2 and has been out for a while. The company that wrote it really deserved its name 'Serious Magic'. It is a shame that they have been snapped up Adobe. Lets hope Adobe invest in them - the technology of Ultra coupled with Adobe Premiere and After Effects will make some great video tools!.

Oops, sorry  - what is Ultra 2 you ask? Ultra 2 is a chromakey by software package which means you get awesome Chromakey effects in your videos without the expensive hardware. The software technique also delivers more quality more easily than the hardware solution. The key thing is that another Broadcast technology is made a commodity by the power of software. The hardware solution costs thousands, but Ultra only costs a few hundred.

I splashed out via the VideoGuys web site in the US, paid import duty etc, to get Ultra 2 and the first two of four Virtual Set libraries. These sets are awesome and enable you to place yourself (or your 'talent') in a variety of interesting places.

So, last week I recorded some video of me in front of a green screen (in the hall at home) and today, well hey, I'm in a super high tech control room complete with animated plasmas. Smiley super cool. The only prob is I'm still writing the scripts, filming, acting and editing so it all takes some time and well, my scripts are a tad cheesy too. But I think it all adds to the splendor of it.

Look out On10 here I come.

I'm currently finishing a number of video entries I promised from last year - the Rare XNA Workshop and tour among others. I apologise in advanced for the various awesome virtual locations and cheesy scripts!


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