Robots in the Arctic Circle

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This last week I have been following the adventure of four UK teams taking part in the First LEGO League Open European Championship in Bodo, Norway. It wasn't until I was flicking through the in-fight magazine on my SAS flight that I realised Bodo is inside the Arctic Circle! I could have packed more appropriately Smiley

However, the competition was hot, boiling with the enthusiasm of the teams and their supporters. As part of the challenge teams have to build a robot based on the LEGO Mindstorms RCX or NXT kit to complete 8 missions, scoring points for completeness and level of autonomous operation.

The event has been a terrific success with 66 teams from 25 countries taking part. Some of the teams have been able to refine their robot so that they can actually complete the missions 100% almost every time. This is some feat to pull off; I've built the eight mission challenges and will be building my own RCX robot to complete them to experience the challenge for myself, and I can tell you to complete the challenges accurately requires serious thought and creative robot design and programming!

The winning team for the robot competition was Compass from China.

The UK was also well presented in the awards with Widcombe Wrobotiers collecting the Innovative Design Award and the Presentation Award. Awesome stuff team!

Best team name had to be the USA's Super Hyper Quantum Kanagroos followed by China's The Son of the Wind.

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***First Lego League,Where:Norway,WHO:Paul Foster***

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