Satellite search and rescue: Jim Gray missing at sea

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I picked this up via TechCrunch. Jim Gray - famous computer scientist who led research into transaction processing and database development - is missing at sea. The US coast guard has searched for days but gave up after finding no sign of his 40-foot yacht. Amazingly, the DigitalGlobe satellite did a scan of the area producing thousands of images. Amazon has posted these images on it's Amazon Mechanical Turk.

All the images need reviewing - and you can help. See the detail in Mike Arrington's entry. The images are vast and the size of the boat in them is tiny.

Jim always reminded me of Bigfoot from the film 'Bigfoot and the Hendersons'; his warm friendly manner, angular jaw and height fitting with the caring bigfoot character. Hope seems to be fading but as a hobbyist sailor myself, I'm hoping he is still out there.

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