Shimon Peres at Le Web 3

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*Quick Post* This is a quick post on a very interesting experience, a video will follow with more detail...

This morning at Le Web 3 we had a special guest speaker. Former Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres spoke of his belief for how the Internet and modern science will cause the world to change more successfully than Governments and armies. I found his vision of how we, the Internet community can succeed in making a positive change to the world, inspiring.

He spoke to a full hall of 1000 bloggers representing 60 million readers. When asked from the audience what we might do directly to make this happen he said we should get 60 billion readers Smiley

Whatever your particular politics or religious beliefs, the breadth of insight and depth of thinking was obvious as Mr Peres  spoke. The vision he laid out was one where the openness and access of the Internet, that has no boundaries, can educate and overcome the prejudices recorded in history.

He spoke how American philanthropy and the Chinese Government's new policy of harmony coupled with the two-way communications of the Internet, will enable Africa to evolve and become a powerful contributor to the world released from its current poverty and corruption. The inclusion of China in such a statement raised a few eyebrows!

To think that such a global politician should place such hope and expectation on us the blogging and Internet community is amazing, motivating and scary. I think his speech has changed me and my fellow bloggers here at Le Web 3. This afternoon, we have a French presidential candidate speaking to us. Mr Peres will be a big act to follow.

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