The Phantom Sentinel UAV

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In 2001, the war in Afghanistan saw the first use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Predator and Global Hawk. Their success has led to significant funding into the research and development of UAV. One of the latest developments by VeraTech Aero is the 'virtually invisible' vertical take off and landing UAV Phantom Sentinel. Intended to be used by ground troops to provide remote surveillance, it has a unique design where the fuselage spins in flight. An effect of human sight called 'persistence of vision' causes the UAV to become an almost invisible blur - just like propeller blades. The Phantom's fuselage is also the aircraft wing, creating lift as it spins. The spinning makes the UAV very stable in flight as VeraTech's videos show. The UAV can be built in a variety of sizes (2 to 10 feet in length), carries a high speed camera and can be launched from the ground as well as aircraft. The smallest model can be packed away into a tiny 12 x 6 x4 inch space!!

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