Live Services: Mesh Services Architecture and Concepts

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You've heard how Live Mesh combines the world of the web and the world of digital devices. But what does it mean for you? Take a look under the hood at how the mesh works on the client and in the massively scalable cloud, and learn insights about how to light-up your own solutions for the mesh world. Go deep on FeedSync-based synchronization, authentication and policy, peer connectivity, and more.
  • Abolade Gbadegesin
    Abolade Gbadegesin has constructed numerous castles across the Live Mesh cloud. Before that, he worked as a plumber replacing the Windows networking stack. Now he's a mechanic on the Windows Live storage platform, assembling interesting machines from sundry spare parts.



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The Discussion

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    How can LM be used to sync line-of-business data? ...e.g. rational or XML data vs. just folders and files?

    Michael Herman
    Parallelspace Corporation
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    come listen to the talk! & check out the talk on Sync Framework Advances, which showed how to hook up a sync provider to Live Mesh.
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    Eden Chung
    I'm not a part of PDC (unfortunately), Live Mesh is not a simple file sync service. You can feed information to Live Mesh directly from your application and other devices with the same application can subscribe those feeds. This functionality wasn't available (rather undocumented) for Tech Preview version.
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    Where's the video download?  This was an awesome session and I'd like to see it again.
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    Sorry guys, we are working on making this one available. There was a problem with this particular recording and it has to be re-encoded. As soon as it's available we'll upload it here. Probably towards the middle of next week since the recordings are in the mail and en-route from LA right now.

    In the meantime, you can view around 200 other PDC08 session videos here:
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    Thanks for getting this last video posted!

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