Live Services: Live Framework Programming Model Architecture and Insights

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    How can LM be used to sync line-of-business data? ...e.g. rational or XML data vs. just folders and files?

    Michael Herman
    Parallelspace Corporation
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    I am new for live framenetwork. can I ask about it?

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    Hear about the <a href="">70-452</a> inner-workings of the new Live Services developer <a href="">70-576</a> stack-the Live Framework.<a href="">70-451</a>  See the engine that makes it all work, and cover advanced topics such as hybrid client/cloud scripting, custom object extensibility,  <a href="">70-638</a> and complex batching and optimizations. Learn not only about the "what" and "how," but about the theory and "why" behind the new Live Framework architecture.

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