SQL Server 2008: New and Future T-SQL Programmability

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This session covers new 2008 T-SQL programmability features and enhancements for SQL data types, SQL language, T-SQL procedure programming, CLR integration, T-SQL dependency management, globalization, and more. Learn to develop using the new date and time datatypes, table-valued parameters and MERGE that are new in SQL Server 2008.
  • Michael Wang
    My name is Michael Wang, and I’m currently a senior program manager lead in the SQL Server engine application platform product team of Microsoft. My team is primarily responsible for driving & delivering product features and improvements for sever side programmability that covers SQL data types, libraries/functions, SQL relational accessibility, T-SQL procedure programming & logic, SQLCLR, T-SQL supportability,globalization and etc.



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The Discussion

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    I was not impressed of the quality of presentation for the following reasons:
    1- on What's new in SQL..? They used text on Yellow background that was not readable at all (Appranetly it supposed to be Merge?).
    2 - The instructure was not able to simplify his presentation and used very technical words and matterial that only certain people could use it.

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