Live Services: The Future of the Device Mesh

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Live Mesh Services provide the infrastructure for devices to share and listen: communicating status, accepting remote management, and synchronizing and sharing files and applications. See how the combination of software running on devices, services running in the cloud, and open protocols and APIs of the Live Framework make it all happen.
  • Jeremy Mazner



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The Discussion

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    The most appealing aspect here I think is the simplicity that Mesh can bring to these scenarios of multiple devices and people sharing data, and this leads to savings in development costs and user training and support. Most of the demos currently focus on the consumer space , but businesses value sharing information too of course, and I can imagine that this will become a compelling way to build mobile apps in the future, providing that the security is proven.  I can see uses for it now, even in it's current form.

    Ian Blackburn

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    Thank you Megabayt

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