Developing and Deploying Your First Windows Azure Service

Play Developing and Deploying Your First Windows Azure Service
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In this session we take a tour of the capabilities of the Microsoft cloud platform by building and running a simple service using the platform SDK. The sample service highlights some of the features of the platform including service management, storage, and an integrated developer experience. This is a demo-heavy session.
  • Steve Marx



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The Discussion

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    Why is the namespace for the storage classes under Microsoft.Samples?  Is there an official API for these yet?  Or still too early?
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    @ErikNYC, as shown in the sampel code, he addedd references for the Storage classes which is provided as a sample in the SDK I guess.
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    The "official" API is REST.  The SDK ships with a sample client library that gives you some .NET goodness on top of the REST API.

    I'll turn it around... do you see it as necessary for us to support a client library?  Is the sample enough to make you comfortable?  We'd love feedback on this.

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    Christian Weyer
    As much as I am services guy and love the REST APIs, I think that Joe Doe developer (sorry, no offense!) likes and maybe needs a .NET API to be productive in the first place.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    By the way, if you want the code (or want to find out what I did wrong), you can get it on my blog at

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    I think that the REST API's are a good foundation to build upon because it makes Azure equally accessible regardless of the tools or platform that you choose to build your application.  However, I also think that an object-based library built on top of the REST API is important.

    This is not about being unable to understand how to use an HTTP request to call the REST api, but rather why should everyone need to write this code? 

    Without the an object-based API, everyone will either copy/paste your samples into their application or they will manually rewrite nearly identical code and create unnecessary divergence.   That seems wasteful to me.  

    I think that Microsoft should provide at least a .NET library on top of the REST api so that everyone doesn't need to waste their time building the plumbing.  It could be a simply wrapper on top of the REST API and you could open source the wrapper code so that other platforms can see how to implement it.

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    M. Johansson
    I just wanted to echo Christians concers about the .NET API - it would be very nice with a default .NET API. LOVE the the API is REST, but don't like that there isn't an official .NET wrapper for it. That means that there will be 1001 different implementations of accessing the datastore, which means that tutorials will differ tremendously, and it will be less likely that new developers can jump into my code.
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    Good talk. I was just wondering, how I could connect to the local db that was created to browse the content.

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    thanks alot

    I think it was agood session,

    seconde , I'm new in azure I think it's the first day to me I setup azure and create application and publish it but while registeration it asked me the invitation token key [ I don't know where I get it ] ,when cancel I found 0 hosting service and 0 storage service

    please advice me to

    1-how I have more than hosted & storage service .

    2-I have my owen website with sqldatabase with asp.2.0 can I hosting it and my database to azure serviece .

    thanks alot.



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