Windows Azure: Architecting & Managing Cloud Services

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From design to deployment, building a scalable, highly available service is different from building other kinds of applications. This session discusses the impact that designing for the cloud has on all stages of the service lifecycle, and how the Microsoft cloud platform works for you to meet the scaling and availability goals of your service. This session will show how automation is used to free the developer from dealing with many hardware and networking issues. Also learn how the cloud services platform is architected to enable a pay-for-use dynamic model.
  • Yousef Khalidi
    Yousef Khalidi is a Distinguished Engineer in the Clouds Infrastructure Services group where he is leading a team responsible for several components of a cloud computing platform. Yousef is responsible for several aspects of the platform, centered on the goal of building a low-cost, automated, large-scale computing system, using commodity hardware, with efficiently managed shared resources. Previously, he led an advanced development team in Windows that tackled a number of related operating system areas, including application management and isolation. Before joining Microsoft, Yousef was a Distinguished Engineer at Sun Microsystems. At Sun, he held positions including CTO and Chief Architect of Solaris, Chief Architect of the Sun Cluster product line, and Chief Architect of Sun's N1 product line. He has a Ph.D. and an M.S. in Information and Computer Science from Georgia Tech.



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    Excellent part is that Cloud services platform is architected to enable a pay-for-use dynamic model.

    I really agree with that.

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    Criss Barnes

    Wow, now that thing looks cool
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