Microsoft Silverlight 2 for Mobile: Developing for Mobile Devices

Play Microsoft Silverlight 2 for Mobile: Developing for Mobile Devices

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    Very interesting subject !  Where can I get a video or/ and white paper of this session?

    Thank you very much for your support

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    Hi Gilles,

    the video of the session will be available after PDC Smiley
    I don't want to anticipate anything about the content but...expect A LOT of demos Smiley

    In the meantime, if you are looking for a Mobile UX whitepaper, have a look at

    Giorgio Sardo
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    Hey Giorgio,

    I'm struggling with a choice of technologies for a mobile ui and was wondering if silverlight mobile or silverlight mobile2 was planning on adopting a model like Adobe Air where it is less dependent on the browser and can run as a standalone application.  I'd like to build my UI in Silverlight (for obvious reasons) but i need to write it so that the app can run in detached mode (no connection).  Any thoughts on this or any guidance you could give me?


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    This is awesome
    When will it be available any roadmap, right now not even silverlight 1.0 is available  


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    Was also wondering if there is going to be support for native mobile Silverlight/WPF applications that run outside of the web-browser or will support be added through an embedded WebBrowser control?

    Would be nice to see mobile OEM’s supporting hardware acceleration of both Silverlight and DirectX mobile to enable a very rich interactive user experience.


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    How about a little background on how this will run on the Symbian Phone? How are you getting round the use of the compact framework?

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    It looks great - but these demos aren't that far away from those shown at Mix 07 (Silverlight 1) and Mix 08 (with the same "announcement" of Silverlight for mobile then -Amit Chopra: "The wait is finally over, we have Silverlight for Windows Mobile").  I have no doubt that it is on it's way but the timing of a Jan CTP is frustrating for those wanting to start building apps with it as soon as possible.  I guess that this is all tied to the Windows Mobile 7 release (which was deafening in it's silence at this PDC) and  I am still hoping Microsoft will surpise us with some announcement about both before the new year, but I think this looks less and less realistic all the time.  Meanwhile Android gets an early release date in the uk, and IPhone continues to grow...

    Ian Blackburn
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    It's already the end of January 09. Where's the CTP? A word of advice... invest less on pro-Vista ads and more on the developers who can convince their employers that solutions like Silverlight are cost-effective to create, deploy and support. For the past 4 years, I've passed on using WM because it has been missing something like Silverlight 2. Primarily for finger-touch applications. And now, my users (thousands) all use other mobile OSes. I am puzzled at the fact that MS doesn't understand that developers have a huge influence on the market, albeit one organization at a time. Wake up... release the CTP ASAP!

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    Timur Zanagar
    Please give us some more information about Silverlight Mobile.
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    Now it's June and I still cannot find the Silverlight for Windows Mobile CTP.... where can I find it ?

    And another question. For offline scenarios, can I persist data to a local storage?

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    Varun Sharma

    Thanks for post the such an amazing article.

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