Windows 7: Introducing Direct2D and DirectWrite

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Direct2D and DirectWrite are latest additions to the DirectX family of APIs. Learn how you can enhance your application experience with resolution independent, high-performance vector graphics using Direct2D. Use ClearType and OpenType font technologies to layout beautiful text with advanced typography within your GDI and Direct2D applications. Also learn how you can port your GDI code to Direct2D and DirectWrite, and understand how to interoperate with other Windows graphics APIs.
  • Leonardo Blanco
    Leonardo Blanco has been at Microsoft since 1996. He is a Principal Development Lead in the Windows Desktop and Graphics Technologies team, where he focuses on development and maintenance of existing and new mainstream graphics APIs for Windows. During the Window Vista timeframe, Leonardo worked on the graphics stack that forms the basis of the Windows Presentation Foundation, most notably the composition and animation engines. He also helped build the Windows Vista Desktop Window Manager, which is responsible for Aero Glass and the Flip3D effect. Prior to Windows Vista, Leonardo worked on Windows CE, delivering multimedia technologies to both mobile and embedded devices. Leonardo holds a degree in Computer Science & Engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles.
  • Kam VedBrat
    Hi, I'm Kam VedBrat, and I'm the Lead Program Manager for Mainstream Graphics API's on the Windows 7 team. I work on technologies including GDI, GDI+, the Windows Imaging Component, the Windows Color System, and (new for Windows 7) Direct2D and Direct Write. Over the last 10 years at Microsoft I've worked on Windows Vista, MSN Explorer, and Internet Explorer. Before Microsoft, I studied Computer Science at Purdue University (Go Boilers!), and graduated in 1998. My favorite color is orange, and if you want to learn more about me, read my blog! Thanks, -Kam



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The Discussion

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    Whoo! for DIPs!
    The Cleartype with YDirection Antialiasing looks amazing by the way.

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    Really impressive..
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    Great great great great and GREAT!!!!!
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    I would like to port my existing GDI based application to Direct2d

    Where can I download the SDK?
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    Windows 7 beta SDK provides everything you need to build with Direct2D (and other recent additions), but it's Windows 7-only.  I've yet to compile and try running binaries under Vista.
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    Unless Direct2D is backported to Windows XP, it might as well never exist for many commercial desktop application developers (ourselves included).


    Windows XP support is an absolute requirement, in my opinion. Otherwise mainstream use of Direct2D will be delayed for several years, and that's a real shame as it addresses a critical need for many of us.

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    Is anything actually using Direct2D yet? We read about support in Windows 7, but not about any application. Font smoothing improvements would be a distinct advantage, particularly at larger font sizes, where the current systems fail. Really, anything that can improve the look and feel, and overall 'shinyness' of an application or web page would really be welcome.



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    It's been a year, but I thought I'd give an updated response to Marcus's question.  The latest Steam UI uses Direct2D whenever possible.  That's about as mainstream as it gets!

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