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Take a walk through the 4.0 landscape from ASP.NET and learn how you can get involved in shaping ASP.NET future. This talk focuses on the next release of ASP.NET including web forms and MVC. Do you love web forms? See how you can taking control of your control IDs, display images using the new DynamicImage control, learn about better ViewState managment in GridView and ListView, and get more control over the CSS markup of ASP.NET server controls. See how Dynamic Data makes building you data-driven apps easy. If you're interested in AJAX, we show you further advancements in client rendering and binding. If you're considering MVC, we look at the feature set and understand how to create applications with this technology.
  • Scott Hunter
    Started out writing bulletin board software with Turbo Pascal which became a startup software development business. Graduated from California State Bakersfield with a degree in Computer Science and Economics. Scott has spent the past 8 years developing software in the .NET space mainly in the ASP.NET area. For the past year Scott has worked at Microsoft on the ASP.NET as a Program Manager currently working on Dynamic Data and all things around data.



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