Windows 7: Design Principles for Windows 7

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    go ahead and rock on!
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    Great video.  One thing that the OS can do to exhibit better manners is to revamp the way that focus changes among windows today.  Today in Vista applications jump out and take window focus from others. THis is super annoying.  I noticed when using a mac that this is done right on the Mac.  Please look at the window manager focus problem and solve it with Windows 7.  This would take windows to another level altogether!
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    Maserati, not Mazarati.
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    Mubshir Raza Ali


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    On the one hand you show a Vista screen with 6 entry points to Outlook. Then you show Windows 7 with just one entry point. Like you said, you could have cheated and removed other entry points. Before you plea to users not to spam their desktops, imagine this - I am guessing that even as Outlook installs itself, it probably defaults into installing shortcuts all over the place. For naive users, they'd just be instructed to click through. It makes things simple for them. So it's not just getting users to stop spamming their desktops with multiple shortcuts to the same application.

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    Neeraj Shah

    This is something what Apple does and they are very good at. But go on... THIS IS a laudable effort by Microsoft team.

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