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In this session you will get an in depth look into the new Commerce Server "Mojave" product release. Learn how you can use Commerce Server's next-generation e-commerce API to develop performant, multi-channel e-commerce websites. See improvements to the programming model, improved functionality for working with the desktop and devices, and integration of Commerce Server with SharePoint and ASP.NET. We'll also show how to use the "Mojave" e-commerce web parts to quickly build rich, custom user experiences.
  • Tom Schultz
  • Kerry Havas
    Kerry is a Product Architect on the Microsoft Commerce Server Product Unit. Before joining the product unit, he worked with MCS to deliver Commerce Server engagements. Before joining MCS, he worked with JCPenney to deliver their award winning E-Commerce site.



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The Discussion

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    One of the things I didn't like in CS2007 is the concept of PropertyBags which is very error prone (according to my experiences at least) and this Generic Query<T> looks very similar to that (at least to me) with no compile time safety

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    Good job guys!
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    With Commerce Server "Mojave", you can create your own types that inherit from the ICommerceEntity interface and then add property getters/setters to strongly type your properties. 

    For example:
    public class CatalogEntity : ICommerceEntity


    public string Id


    get { return this._commerceEntity.GetPropertyValue(CommerceEntity.PropertyName.Id) as string; }

    set { this._commerceEntity.SetPropertyValue(CommerceEntity.PropertyName.Id, value); }




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    You really did a great job with the new unified programming modell and the message flow. I am really looking forward to working with the new Commerce Server Release.


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    where can i find more webcasts/videos on commerce server? specificly profile system?

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    Ed Ferron

    Was this audio choppy for anyone else or just me?

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