Under the Hood: Advances in the .NET Type System

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Enhancements to the type system in the next version of .NET Framework allow for loose type-coupling of components comprising your application. This talk is an in-depth examination of the changes in the Common Language Runtime and managed languages. See how these changes help to simplify versioning and deployment of components targeting either COM based and/or fully managed applications. For Office developers, learn how to eliminate the need to redistribute primary interop assemblies.
  • Andrew Whitechapel
    Andrew has 20+ years experience in the industry as a developer and architect. He is a Program Manager in the Business Apps team, where he is focused on designing strategic features of the Visual Studio toolset for building Office Business Applications.
  • Misha Shneerson
    Misha Shneerson has been working in Visual Studio Tools for Office team for the past 6 years. Being responsible for the development of VSTO runtime Misha has gained invaluable experience about the live between managed and unmanaged worlds. Misha is passionate about bringing these two closer together and has played the key role in the last improvements in this area.



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