Future Directions for Microsoft Visual Basic

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Hear language architect Paul Vick and specification lead Lucian Wischik discuss the future direction of the Visual Basic language. Learn about the new capabilities of the next version of the language, including additional LINQ features, syntax simplifications, and a host of other improvements. Also gain insight into possible future features, including meta-programming and scripting.
  • Lucian Wischik
  • Paul Vick
    Paul Vick is the language architect for Visual Basic, where he leads the language design team. Paul originally began his career working at Microsoft in 1992 on the Microsoft Access team, shipping versions 1.0 through 97 of Access. In 1998, he moved to the Visual Basic team, participating in the design and implementation of the Visual Basic compiler and driving the re-design of the language for the .NET Framework. He is the author of the Visual Basic .NET Language Specification and the Addison Wesley book "The Visual Basic .NET Language." His weblog can be found at http://www.panopticoncentral.net.



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