Microsoft Visual Studio: Bringing out the Best in Multicore Systems

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Learn how to prepare for the new challenges in developing and tuning concurrent applications. Hear about important steps in the creation of or conversion to parallel applications with demonstrations of the parallel performance analysis and optimization tools in the next release of Microsoft Visual Studio. See how to identify opportunities for parallelism and how to exploit those opportunities by choosing applicable coding patterns using existing or future programming models. Finally, watch a demonstration that shows how to optimize parallel code by focusing on common sources of inefficiency such as I/O and synchronization.
  • Hazim Shafi
    Dr. Hazim Shafi received a BSEE from Santa Clara, and MS and PhD degrees from Rice University. He joined Microsoft in 2005 from IBM Research. Hazim has over a decade of experience in parallel and distributed processing and has numerous publications and patents in the area. He is currently a Principal Architect on the Parallel Computing Platform team leading its efforts in parallel performance analysis tools. He also teaches classes on multithreaded application development at Microsoft.



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