IronRuby: The Right Language for the Right Job

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IronRuby is a new dynamically-typed language for Microsoft .NET that offers more runtime flexibility at the expense of compile-time verification. Find out why this is a good thing in the right situations: static compile-time verification for components that need additional rigor, and dynamic typing for more fluid parts of a program. See how to use dynamic typing to create internal Domain Specific Languages (DSLs) and how to use them for systems that you create.
  • John Lam
    John works on the IronRuby compiler at Microsoft.



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The Discussion

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    Hey pretty cool John. Would you consider making some videos with Quicktime though as I hate the way WMP has the slider set up. I can't just go anywhere in the video content like I can with Quicktime. Thanks!
    Maybe you could convince MS to fix this feature. I though it would work but boing! Back to the beginning it goes.

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